vendredi 16 novembre 2012

Exhibition press release

On the occasion of the theatrical release of the movie Silent Hill : Revelation 3D, the Galerie Chappe (Paris, France) is pleased to showcase for the first time in Europe the artworks of Masahiro Ito, art director of the Silent Hill video game series.

Born in 1972 in Saitama (Japan), Masahiro Ito received a degree from the Graphic Design department of the Tama Art University (Tokyo). In 1997, he joined the teams of Konami, an important japanese company that publishes and develops video games since the late 1970s. He was soon asked to design the creatures of Silent Hill’s first episode, released in 1999. He continued to collaborate with Konami on episodes 2 and 3 of the Silent Hill sequel, again as an art director.

Masahiro Ito’s work is filled with tormented surrealism where eroticism mixes with the morbid. The artist draws his inspiration from European visual arts or the movies as much as from the observation of the everyday life. His artworks stand out from classical horror creations by vividly appealing to emotions and imagination.

Due to be released jointly to Silent Hill: Revelation 3D are two action figures designed by Masahiro Ito and produced by Toymunkey Studios. These brand new figurines represent two seminal characters from the Silent Hill series : Pyramid Head and Bubble Head Nurse. The latters will be displayed exclusively at the Galerie Chappe, as well as a body of works by Masahiro Ito, created especially for the exhibition and emanating from his personal artistic researches.

The dark and nightmarish atmosphere of Silent Hill will be more widely revisited with regard to Art History through an open dialogue with artworks by renowned artists Hans Bellmer, Hans-Ruedi Giger, Pierre Molinier or Joel-Peter Witkin… An exhibition dedicated to video games’ most experienced admirers as well as neophytes, to art lovers as well as people curious of the links that can be provided between the arts.

Silent Hill exhibition
Curated by Mademoiselle Javel and Fanny Giniès
November 29 through December 20, 2012
Location Galerie Chappe, 4 rue André Barsacq, 75018 Paris FRANCE
Opening November 29, 2012 from 7 pm
Press contact : Javel –

French release date for Silent Hill Revelation 3D : 28 nov. 2012